Saturday, February 28, 2009

From the Bad Idea File

From our Bad Idea file... ... ...

A 22 year old Mesa, Arizona man (all allegedly, of course) arrived at his apartment complex to find his parking spot occupied by a motorcycle. He didn't do what most would, like park somewhere else and call the apartment complex's management office.

This fellow had a real bad idea.

He retrieved his sawed off shotgun and shot the motorcycle lock. After that brief bout of stupidity, he hid the firearm in his car.

The motorcycle shot was heard by the bike's owner who came out to see what was going on. The two entered into a heated argument and the shooter tried to flee when the motorcycle owner called the police. The rider tried to prevent the gunman from leaving, so, what does this idiot do? He gets his shotgun out again and aims it at the motorcycle owner and threatens to shoot him.

Luckily, the police did arrest the shooter before any blood was spilled. You can read of this idiocy here at AZCentral.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Free Motorcycle Safety Training in Pennsylvania

If you want to ride a motorcycle and live in Pennsylvania, here is a golden opportunity to become a better and safer new rider. Whether you want to ride a cafe racer, cruiser, sport bike or dual-sport, safety is of utmost importance.

The Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program will be offering classes free of charge for beginner riders. More information can be found here at the Progress News and here at the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program website.

Triumph Delivers a New Thunderbird

While other motorcycle companies are cutting back, Triumph will be delivering their new Thunderbird to US shores earlier than planned. According to Triumph North America, dealers are now accepting deposits on motorcycles scheduled to begin delivery in late June.

Sporting the classic styling of a cruiser and a less than common 1,600cc parallel twin engine, this will be one unique machine. Anyone interested in this unique ride can receive a personal review at Daytona Bike Week where four have been shipped for public display.

Yamaha to Cut Motorcycle Production

According to Yamaha Motor Co, Tokyo, Japan, production of new motorcycles will be slashed by 24% this year. Reasons for this cut include poor global economy and rising inventories.

These cuts will effect manufacturing in Japan, the Americas and Europe. Asian production will likely not change due to the stronger demand for smaller motorcycles in that part of the world. More information can be found on Reuters.