Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cold Weather Riding Tip - Keeping Your Hands Warm

When riding in cold weather one of the first things to get cold are your hands. Colds hands are dangerous as hell. They control the throttle, clutch and brake; without a doubt, the most important controls on a motorcycle.

So, how do you help keep them warm without breaking the bank, spending upwards of $100 on heated grips? Here are a few hints.

  1. Get a good pair of gauntlet style insulated riding gloves. They should also have some way to cinch the gauntlet tight against your wrists. The gauntlet part of the gloves should be worn and tightened over the sleeves of your riding jacket. This helps stop cold air from getting up your sleeves.
  2. When you take a riding break, and when it is cold you should take plenty, take your gloves off and place them on the cylinders or heads or someplace warm on your bike. Slipping on a warm pair of gloves after your break is really quite nice and refreshing. But, be warned. If your gloves are soaked, they can be VERY hot and burn your skin.
Ride safe and warm, all!