Friday, January 22, 2010

We're Movin'

I don't post many things on this blog, but when I do, I want flexibility and control and options. So, this blog is moving here: Moto Today - Ride Hope you all follow.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Link to some great winter motorcycle storage hints.

If your winter looks something like this, and you store your motorcycle like this, you are DOING IT WRONG!

Take a look over at the Total Motorcycle Website for some great winter motorcycle storage and maintenance tips.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Five Motorcycle Riding Leather Care Tips

Proper care for leather apparel used by motorcycle riders is important not only to looks but also durability and level of protection given to the wearer. Old, uncared for leather can be dry, look poor and offer only very limited protection to the rider. With only a few simple tips, leather gloves, chaps, jackets and vests can last longer, provide good protection and look great.

  1. When leather gear becomes wet or soaked, empty the pockets, remove all pins and air dry. Using a hair dryer with the heat turned off is also acceptable. Using heat to dry leather can cause it to shrink and possibly crack.
  2. Routinely treat your leathers to a good leather oil. Do not use leather "wax." This helps keep them waterproof and looking good while replenishing the leather's natural oils. Some good treatments include Obenauf's, Oak Wood Leather Conditioner and a high quality mink oil. Follow the instructions of whatever treatment you choose. Do NOT use saddle soap on your motorcycle leathers.
  3. Oil any zippers with a good quality sewing machine oil.
  4. Watch for fraying or loose thread along seams. If you see any, bring your leather into a leather store to be repaired. Be sure they are familiar with motorcycle leather repair.
  5. Do not simply throw your leathers on the ground, garage floor or generally abuse them. When not being worn they should be hung up.

Royal Enfield Doubling Capacity

According to this article at the Wallstreet Journal, Royal Enfield of New Delhi, India will be doubling it's manufacturing capacity. They hope to sell 50,000 motorcycles in 2009 and estimate their over seas sales to increase 15% over the next four or five years.

Royal Enfield, originally built in Europe is now a global icon of motorcycle simplicity and utility. The machines are simple, parts easy to find and the global rider can find people just about anywhere that can work on these.

Even as other companies are cutting back, closing plants and laying off employees, Royal Enfield expands.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yamaha HV-X; a True Hybrid Motorcycle

While the Yamaha HV-X is not a production hybrid motorcycle, there is plenty of promise to this experimental bike.

As reported by Cycle Canada, the HV-X is powered by a Lithium high capacity battery and a 250 cc engine. Yamaha has not openly stated whether or when this technology will be released. However, the test ride video does look intriguing.

New Ducati Multistrada

Those Ducati fans out there may already be applauding the announcement (here at Cycle Canada) that a new Ducati Multistrada 1200 will be unveiled at the EICMA 2009 International Motorcycle Show in Milan, Italy on November 9.

According to rumors, the name of this new bike is the Ducati Strada Aperta. Please post any links or information you may have, here.

Harley to Shut Down Buell, Sell MV Agusta

If you want a new Buell, supplies are getting short. When they are gone, there will be no more. As many already know, Harley Davidson, in a cost cutting measure, is shutting down Buell and selling MV Agusta.

With Harley sales down this year, there may be more cuts at the iconic US motorcycle maker. Read more about it here at the New York Times.

Marisa Miller teams up with Harley - Salute Those Who Defend Freedom.

Teaming up with Marisa Miller, Harley Davidson put together a nice 40's style pin-up tribute to our troops. You can browse to the Harley Davidson site for Marisa Miller wallpaper, to enter drawings and help support our troops.

And, by the way, Marisa Miller is not only an attractive young lady. She also rides.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cold Weather Riding Tip - Keeping Your Hands Warm

When riding in cold weather one of the first things to get cold are your hands. Colds hands are dangerous as hell. They control the throttle, clutch and brake; without a doubt, the most important controls on a motorcycle.

So, how do you help keep them warm without breaking the bank, spending upwards of $100 on heated grips? Here are a few hints.

  1. Get a good pair of gauntlet style insulated riding gloves. They should also have some way to cinch the gauntlet tight against your wrists. The gauntlet part of the gloves should be worn and tightened over the sleeves of your riding jacket. This helps stop cold air from getting up your sleeves.
  2. When you take a riding break, and when it is cold you should take plenty, take your gloves off and place them on the cylinders or heads or someplace warm on your bike. Slipping on a warm pair of gloves after your break is really quite nice and refreshing. But, be warned. If your gloves are soaked, they can be VERY hot and burn your skin.
Ride safe and warm, all!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bikers Are Watching You!

If you drive a car or truck, bikers are watching you.

There is no subversive intent, they simply want to know what type of hazard you may be. This is not a case of motorcycle rider superiority, just hazard awareness and avoidance. Here are a few things motorcyclists may look for:

  • Car Damage: Rear bumper or trunk area - This typically means little to a rider because damage to these areas is typically not caused by the driver.
  • Car Damage: Right or Left sides - This is of some concern. This type of damage could be caused by the driver moving into an occupied lane, hitting a stationary object while moving or not being attentive enough to see someone else merging into their lane. Riders usually make note of this and may avoid coming close.
  • Car Damage: Front - This is of great concern. Damage to the front of a vehicle is nearly always avoidable and indicates the driver may be quite inattentive. Riders usually notice this right away and purposely avoid coming near these vehicles.
  • Young Drivers - These drivers can be inexperienced and are more apt to be doing things that are distracting like talking on cell phones, texting or messing with their radio.
  • Older Drivers - Older drivers can have slow reflexes and less than sharp decision making skills.
  • What Is The Driver Doing- This is an important one. Driving while distracted is just as dangerous as driving drunk. Drivers texting, talking on a cell phone, reading, adjusting their radio, using their computer or even watching a video raise big red flags to motorcycle riders.
So, if you drive a car or truck and notice motorcycle riders looking closely at you and your vehicle while driving down the highway, don't worry. They are simply assessing a potention hazard.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Honda Sells Flex-Fuel Motorcycle in Brazil

Called the CG150 Titan Mix, this little 150 cc class motorcycle is not only inexpensive (about $2,700 USD) and interesting to look at, but it is one of the first flex-fuel capable motorcycles. Honda optimistically hopes to sell over 200,000 of these per year.

Unfortunately they are only being offered for sale in Brazil.

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