Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bikers Are Watching You!

If you drive a car or truck, bikers are watching you.

There is no subversive intent, they simply want to know what type of hazard you may be. This is not a case of motorcycle rider superiority, just hazard awareness and avoidance. Here are a few things motorcyclists may look for:

  • Car Damage: Rear bumper or trunk area - This typically means little to a rider because damage to these areas is typically not caused by the driver.
  • Car Damage: Right or Left sides - This is of some concern. This type of damage could be caused by the driver moving into an occupied lane, hitting a stationary object while moving or not being attentive enough to see someone else merging into their lane. Riders usually make note of this and may avoid coming close.
  • Car Damage: Front - This is of great concern. Damage to the front of a vehicle is nearly always avoidable and indicates the driver may be quite inattentive. Riders usually notice this right away and purposely avoid coming near these vehicles.
  • Young Drivers - These drivers can be inexperienced and are more apt to be doing things that are distracting like talking on cell phones, texting or messing with their radio.
  • Older Drivers - Older drivers can have slow reflexes and less than sharp decision making skills.
  • What Is The Driver Doing- This is an important one. Driving while distracted is just as dangerous as driving drunk. Drivers texting, talking on a cell phone, reading, adjusting their radio, using their computer or even watching a video raise big red flags to motorcycle riders.
So, if you drive a car or truck and notice motorcycle riders looking closely at you and your vehicle while driving down the highway, don't worry. They are simply assessing a potention hazard.

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