Thursday, November 5, 2009

Five Motorcycle Riding Leather Care Tips

Proper care for leather apparel used by motorcycle riders is important not only to looks but also durability and level of protection given to the wearer. Old, uncared for leather can be dry, look poor and offer only very limited protection to the rider. With only a few simple tips, leather gloves, chaps, jackets and vests can last longer, provide good protection and look great.

  1. When leather gear becomes wet or soaked, empty the pockets, remove all pins and air dry. Using a hair dryer with the heat turned off is also acceptable. Using heat to dry leather can cause it to shrink and possibly crack.
  2. Routinely treat your leathers to a good leather oil. Do not use leather "wax." This helps keep them waterproof and looking good while replenishing the leather's natural oils. Some good treatments include Obenauf's, Oak Wood Leather Conditioner and a high quality mink oil. Follow the instructions of whatever treatment you choose. Do NOT use saddle soap on your motorcycle leathers.
  3. Oil any zippers with a good quality sewing machine oil.
  4. Watch for fraying or loose thread along seams. If you see any, bring your leather into a leather store to be repaired. Be sure they are familiar with motorcycle leather repair.
  5. Do not simply throw your leathers on the ground, garage floor or generally abuse them. When not being worn they should be hung up.


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